Resources for us are growing. Here’s the kind of list, including videos, that every mental health organization’s website should feature:

National initiatives, here and abroad



The Way Forward: This 2014 report, with the video above, by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention attempt survivor task force has groundbreaking recommendations for supporting anyone who’s been suicidal.

Suicide Prevention Australia position statement: This helped direct Australia’s focus to the issue.

Attempt survivors in the media

Our emergence has received some high-profile coverage. A few examples:

The New York Times: Suicide Prevention Sheds a Taboo: Talking About Attempts

National Public Radio: Suicide Attempt Survivors Seek a Voice in Helping Others at Risk

The Boston Globe: Suicide Attempt Survivors go Public in Hope of Aiding Many at Risk

Personal stories

Live Through This: A national series of portraits of attempt survivors

Talking About Suicide: Dozens of interviews with attempt survivors

The federal government (SAMHSA) is soon to publish a booklet for attempt survivors, drawing on personal interviews. Men speaking openly. Plus humor.


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“The Power of Rescuing Others:” Part of a New York Times story where a top researcher “came out” about her own suicidal experience

TED Talks by attempt survivors

JD Schramm: A very popular TED video on this subject, with resources

Mark Henick

Kevin Breel: Also very popular

Alicia Raimundo

Support groups

List of all known attempt survivor support groups

The Center for Dignity, Recovery & Empowerment: This San Francisco organization is pioneering a number of projects for attempt survivors, including a support group and a speakers’ bureau

Manual for Support Groups for Suicide Attempt Survivors: This detailed guide by Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in Los Angeles has been listed in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center‘s best practices registry

Online Suicide Help: Well-maintained list of global crisis resources by a Canadian activist and attempt survivor

Supports for families and friends

A Guide for Taking Care of Your Family Member After Treatment in the Emergency Department

Beyond Blue: Australian organization’s guide for loved ones

After an Attempt: The emotional impact of suicide attempts on families

More resources

Please explore the resources at the end of “The Way Forward”