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Thank you


This project is taking a break, likely for good. Thank you to the dozens of people around the world who have shared their stories and created a community around this long-neglected issue. You can still contact me here, especially if you’d like to “come out,” if you’re with the media or if you’d like to improve society’s responses to suicidal thinking. You can also reach out to the many wonderful people behind the projects on our Resources page.

A lot has happened in this project’s two years. We’ve made history by speaking up and pushing for recognition, accelerating a process that just a handful of brave people had started.

And yet, people continue to ask about suicidal thoughts and actions, “Why would you want to do that to yourself?” What a shocking and fundamental misunderstanding. The question, as with any potentially fatal health issue, should be, “Why is this happening to the people we love?”

People also ask what can be done to stop suicides. We can do this: Tell the world that suicidal thinking can happen to any of us, and that seeking help and support won’t result in punishment.

Our challenge is in making sure the second part of that statement is true.